What’s Trending In My Brain, Lately


via: http://www.streetartnews.net/2014/02/i-nobody-likes-me-new-mural-vancouver.html

Back after a hiatus. Feeling the need to write something down. Here are some things I am concerned about, with a little ranting thrown in for good measure…

–What in the world is wrong with the America of today? Why are there only bombastic narcissists and democratic socialists to choose from in this current cycle, and why has the crop been so horrible for so long? And why is this just like a soap opera?

–Why are relationships so damn hard? Why do I feel so unequipped to even have a good one? Why?

–Individual liberty is real. Enlightened reasoning is pretty cool. I need to read way more Locke and Hume and James Madison and Thomas Jefferson. To hell with Abe Lincoln! He ruined individual liberty.

–Look at the fruit and find the root. People always follow their “logic.” Authoritarian dogmas and schemas always produce authoritarian results and dupe the unwary into thinking that being part of a team is the best, best, best ever. Collecitivism works the same way.

–Emotion always seems to trump reason. People….

–Marty Robbins is pretty cool.

–Our brains are pliable. Your memories aren’t always that accurate. Therefore you can never really be sure that your assumptions always represent the “truth.” But you can most definitely be sure that they represent your own, personaized “truth” subject to whatever emotion or trauma you are currently experiencing.

–We like to think we are the masters of our own destinies but the truth is to really be free you have to a lot of hard work mentally and emotionally to escape the influences of your culture, in which case you can never really be free of them, in which case liberty isn’t really liberty. (I remember reading that somewhere…) To resist cultural trends and be independent is tantamount to resisting the force of a glacier.

–Starting over is very hard.

Well, that seems to be most of it.



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